Here are a few of the questions we get asked a lot. If you can't find the answer here don't hesitate to contact us.

Yes! You can very easily start transitioning over time. We believe you will immediately see HUGE benefits when going paperless, but don't let that stop you from switching over now and transitioning those other pieces later. There are currently 3 options for service notifications / invoices:

  1. Completely paperless. This involves technicians completing stops from the field on their smart devices. Customers will receive an email an hour later outlining the service (including products used, insects targeted, locations treated, time in and out, and billing info). It will also prompt them to leave feedback about the specific technician.
  2. Print from truck. This also involves technicians completing appointments from the truck so that information is synced wirelessly back to the office. They can then print an invoice directly from the truck via an airprint enabled printer or one of our thermal printers.
  3. Print from office. If you want to switch over now, and figure out the paperless system later, you can still continue to print invoices and service notifications straight from PestRoutes and continue with the way you've always done it until you're ready to make the switch.
We enable technicians to collect customer emails right from the app, so they can collect them in the field as they go through each quarterly cycle. We also flag accounts when office staff pull up customer cards to remind them to collect emails. We can also help you in creating automated phone calls to all your customers inviting them to update their email address and go paperless. In other words, we've got you covered!
Yes! Customers find the SMS (text message) reminders extremely convenient because it is non-intrusive and allows them to have a written record of their appointment to look at later. National studies show that 98% of all text messages are read within the first 5 minutes of receiving them.

In addition, our voice calls are very professional and can be completely customized and personalized with your own voice and message.
Pricing is VERY simple. There are only 2 costs involved: the monthly subscription and optional usage charges. The monthly subscription is based on the size of your customer base so that it has a direct correlation to incoming revenue. These charges are billed at the beginning of each month

If you utilize the reminder calls or use route optimization, we charge a very small fee per transaction. For example, to send out 100 SMS reminders, it costs only $3.00. These charges are billed periodically, but typically happen twice each month.
We have several strategic partnerships with processors and get competitive bulk rates on CC processing. We are also partners with Element Payment Services - so if you currently process through element we can transition all of your card data and have you running payments in under 5 minutes!

All of our processing partners are fully PCI compliant and meet the strictest requirements available.
We offer full integration services and can import your basic data (including customer info, notes, service plans, pricing, service schedules, and account balances) from any software that can export to CSV or Excel.

We also offer very comprehensive imports from some specific softwares. We can pull your data directly from these databases and are able to dig very deeply to get things like detailed appointment history, payment history, user info, notes, cancellation reasons, customer sources, documents, etc... Contact us for more information about your specific situation.
Most of our clients have switched from other softwares, so we have become VERY good at this process and will walk you through step by step. The process we have found to be most effective is:

  1. Initial import of your data to confirm everything pulls over correctly.
  2. Conduct 3-4 training webinars with your office staff. PestRoutes is EXTREMELY easy to learn and most customers feel very comfortable performing all of their daily routines after just a few webinars.
  3. Do a dry run where you run PestRoutes next to your current software for 1-2 days. This helps staff feel comfortable with PestRoutes and gives them a chance to become familiar with the day to day operations.
  4. Do a final import of your data and go Live!
Customers say that learning PestRoutes takes a few days, compared to a few months with other softwares. It has been designed from the ground up to be simple and straightforward. Technicians have called the app a 'no-brainer' and 'surprisingly simple'.

Basically, if you can browse the internet, you can use PestRoutes. Our final test for all functionality is to sit our stone-age mothers in front of the computer and say: 'See if you can figure this out.'
All of your customers get automatically setup with a portal which they can use to pay bills online, view service history, leave feedback, and connect to your social media. Every email we send from customers has a link that will automatically log them in. You can also provide a link on your website to provide quick and easy access.

Customers can also enter their phone number on the pest portal and we automatically text or send via phone call their username and password. Not only do customers love serving themselves, it also saves you time and money!